EMDx Corporation was founded in 1996 to provide value-add services to the Third Party Administrator (TPA) industry and is focused on the diagnostic laboratory testing component of the healthcare delivery system. For a decade we have a proven record of saving our TPA clients significant dollars on their member's lab costs.

Our business model has created an easily implemented system and since our inception we have created 40%-60% savings on over a million claims in 39 states. We have installed LabNet XPress on every major TPA claims system as well as several home-grown versions. Our clients are up and running within a few days of signing a contract.


To see what EMDx and LabNet XPress can do for your company check out our savings calculator.


"I don't know why every TPA wouldn't use this program." 
Cheryl Gunn, President, Paragon Benefits 
"The implementation was very straightforward. We had LabNet XPress running in less than a business day." 
Deborah Booker, Claims Manger, CORE Benefits